Let Us Help You Choose the Best General Liability Insurance Policy for Your Business

Let Us Help You Choose the Best General Liability Insurance Policy for Your Business

General liability insurance, also known as business liability insurance, is one of the most critical insurance policies that businesses and contractors in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas should have. While it is not required by law, it can protect your company from significant costs related to a claim or lawsuit that may be filed against your company from a third-party person. At TWFG Gulf Coast, we want to protect you and the hard work you’ve put into your business with the right general liability insurance policy.

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What General Liability Insurance Covers

Essentially, a general liability insurance policy helps to cover damages claimed from a person outside of the company that you are liable for. Liability claims are one of the most common claims to be brought against a business, and they can come at a significant cost. With the right agent and policy, you will never have to face an incident alone.

Claims that a general liability policy can protect your business from include:

  • Advertising Injuries
  • Bodily or Personal Injuries
  • Defense Costs
  • Electronic Data Liability
  • Lawsuit Fees
  • Medical Expense
  • Property Damage
  • Professional Liability / Employee Actions
  • Supplemental Payments

Please note, general liability insurance does not cover costs for employees injured on the job. In this instance, you would need worker’s comp.

We Customize the Policy to Your Business’s Needs at the Best Price

The amount of coverage needed can vary from business to business, depending on what services a business offers. For example, a coffee shop may need a different general liability policy than a gym or consulting firm. That is why we customize your policy to protect your company from what it needs. Your TWFG agent pulls from more than 200 insurance carriers to find you the best plan at the best cost possible.

General Liability Insurance for Contractors

Companies want to make sure the contractors they hire will complete the job. However, due to the high risk and the high cost of a liability claim, a business may not hire a contractor that is not protected.

Just like the support TWFG provides businesses, our team goes through hundreds of insurance carriers to ensure you receive the best general liability insurance policy for you and your budget.

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We help you protect your business with the coverage that you need. Our goal is to find the best and most affordable general liability insurance policy available. Call TWFG Gulf Coast today to receive a custom quote from William today.

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